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Who is Marilyn Harper?
Everything has a purpose…
Marilyn Harper was raised in a conservative, mid-west, Christian family. She spent her early adult years involved in Theatre production and she is an award-winning speaker. In 1996, she experienced a major Spiritual transformation that altered her life-course and put her on this metaphysical path. She became a Reiki Master, Intuitive Consultant, Karuna Master and Quantum Touch Practitioner.

Who is Adironnda & Company?
In 1999, after three automobile wrecks, a synchronistic acquaintance realized that Marilyn was not present in her body. She assisted in setting Marilyn’s conscious self aside, allowing Spirit to come through Marilyn. That’s when Adironnda spoke for the first time, introducing themselves as a spokes being from the 17th Dimension for a Council of angels, guides (her guides and your guides) and Master teachers. “They’ve” been delivering messages thru Marilyn ever since. Adironnda lovingly refers to Marilyn as “the Vessel.”

Who is Joeaux Robey?
There are no accidents… In 2010, Marilyn was shown a vision of the work that she was to do… She told Spirit – “If I am to do all of this, I’m going
to need some help.” At that moment, Joeaux Robey – a Marketing Executive in Los Angeles – synchronistically met the same person who had opened Marilyn up to Adironnda. They quickly connected and realized they shared similar visions. Today, Joeaux assists in commandeering the
vision of Adironnda & Company. Adironnda playfully refers to Joeaux as “the Joy.”

Why the Heart with the Rays?
Our logo is channeled and a purposely created activation of our mission:

• It is an open heart with one soft point
and a fluid bump – Open, assisting you in
receiving love, reminding us love has
gentle bumps, not sharp edges.

• There are 17 rays – To honor Adironnda and
the 17th Dimension that they come from.
• Split at the end of each ray – Represents the
balance between you and your Higher self.

Our Mission
Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper
and Joeaux Robey are here to assist you in
“waking-up” and remembering your true
essence. Just being in the presence of Marilyn
and Adironnda will open up your heart chakra
and set your Spirit free. You’ll experience a joy,
awareness, and ultimately a fulfillment of your
life’s mission! After all, that’s WHY you’re here
on this planet. Our mission is to assist
YOU in your awakening.

a general update on the Universe’s current status and then the session is open for questions. You may ask any question: personal or Universal. Amazingly, personal questions tend to have a Universal answer and others in the group will also benefi t from the answer, so don’t be shy. Please be aware that energy work is taking place throughout the entire group session. Stick around for a few minutes afterwards to get grounded once again before driving home. You can peruse our tools created to assist you on your path. All proceeds go to fund our ministry. Often, participants rest well following a group session. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and pay attention to your dreams and any special signs from the Universe.

Speak with Adironnda Privately…
“Amazing! It’s like soul-coaching…” ~ Teresa
A private session with Marilyn and Adironnda is a way to connect more directly with Source, “see” the energy and dive deeper into a personal conversation. These sessions are perfect for exploring issues after a group session or retreat! All information in a private session is confi dential.

Marilyn/Adironnda will take you directly into the heart of any issue that’s holding you back. Then, they’ll assist you in releasing the negative energy
that was causing issues or patterns that may have been controlling you. “Shift and the world around you shifts, too! ~Adironnda

Psst, Your Soul Has a Message for You.
You are already in a state of awakening. You will begin to see, hear, and feel things that will challenge everything you’ve been taught. Use your
body as a gauge for what your own truth is and to hear your soul connection… your heart chakra will open to information that resonates.The planet is awakening. As you awaken, you then awaken those around you. Chances are… you were already feeling your soul’s calling for you to live a more “conscious” life. We are here to assist you. “When two or more gather with intention, the energy is multiplied by 144 times!! ~Adironnda

Participate In a Wake-up Call!
What can you expect from a Group Session also known as a Wake-up Call? Whether there are 2 people or 222 people at a group session, each is Divinely Destined to be present in that session and a special group bond is created for all, by the Council. After a few opening statements, Marilyn steps aside so Adironnda and the Council may speak directly to the group. Typically, there’s Most private sessions are over the phone and recorded for you to listen to as many times as you like. Whenever Marilyn is traveling, a limited number of sessions are available, in person. She also does Energy Balancing, Quantum Touch and Reiki sessions. The investment is the same whether in-person or over the phone.

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