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Steven Cuoco discusses the Reconnective Intuitive™ in applying intuition in life.

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Founder and CEO of United Angels Dream-Your Second Opinion Resource Company™ andEMAGE Magazine™.  Steven has extensive training in executive, sales, and creative experience.  Steven incorporates his knowledge as a Human and Business Analyst; and he brings people together while developing personal and business communication.  Steven works with high profile clientele while providing his skills as a contract, book, magazine, entertainment, and music publicist.  Steven has been featured on CNN, FOX, Forbes, syndicated radio shows and in magazine’s world wide.  Steven also wrote: International Best Seller “Guided Transformation: Poems, Quotes, and Inspiration.”

Steven’s philosophy: to retain a highly successful business; is a business that believes in ethics, values and asset retention.  Healthy asset retention happens when all business matters possess and create authenticity.  Contract, employee, management and assets will remain fruitful when maintaining proper re-pore.  In order to retain your assets (client and investments), is having someone on your team who wants the best for you and your company.  In order for you to be in many places at many times, your business requires the application of discretion, and someone who will be available to be ready when your client needs you.  United Angels Dream offers you the freedom to live your life and maintain a healthy, thriving business.
Additional Bio:
Steven Cuoco is one of the most sought out transformational leaders in the world and has many years in connection to spiritual enlightenment, healing illuminating from self love that has been touched by many.  His credentials include the created title of a Reconnective Intuitive™ applies intuition in areas of interest such as an Intuitive Publicist™, Business and Human Analyst, Applied Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy. Steven has also studied diligently in Neuro-Linguistic Programming that has excelled his own personal relationship, and teaches how one should speak to themselves, and to the world, in order to obtain profound results.
Steven has been involved in many seminars and lectures that have catapulted many in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the UK.  Steven has partnered with prominent chiropractors, acupuncturists, neuroscientists, psychologist, directors, producers and holistic dentists. Steven has presented his highly intellectual skills as a human and business analyst to evaluate and promote excellence in multi-billion dollar companies.  Steven has also been featured on high profile television networks like CNN, FOX, syndicated radio shows and magazines world wide.  Steven has transformed his own, as well as those of modern and western techniques, that have been around for hundreds to thousands of years; as well as healing modalities that have been around since the beginning of time. He is the creator and ambassador of United Angels Dream™ and he continues to bring in his goal, his light, throughout the world.
Steven has written an international best seller titled United Angels Dream-Guided Transformation and continues to write throughout his life journey.  Many who are in search of greater possibilities and who want to manifest beyond all possibilities trust Steven to be the guide on their soul path.


Contact Info:
phone: 908-329-5131


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