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Manifest Your Dreams On Demand with Dan Fowler

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Dan Fowler Print Bio: 

Known as the “Imagination Engineer”, Dan Fowler embodies not only a expansive creative mind, but possesses the raw manifesting power to bring his and his clients’ ideas into reality. Dan has been in the interactive media production industry for over 20 years and has developed a systems that can help any heart-centered entrepreneur access their imagination, craft the perfect dream, and then manifest those dreams “on-demand” in their lives, relationships and businesses.

Dan Fowler RADIO Bio: 

Known as the “Imagination Engineer”, Dan Fowler embodies not only a expansive creative mind, but possesses the raw manifesting power to bring his and his clients’ ideas into reality. At age 11, he realized his #1 passion in life: WRITING. Writing led him to film and video production and from there, he has built a successful media creation and integration business over the last 20 years.

Being a student of his craft, it eventually came to him that he can give more to my clients by providing coaching, training, and mentoring in the areas of:

• How To Manifest Your Dreams On-Demand.

• How to Become an Imagination Engineer

• How to Re-invent Yourself to your Target Market

• How to Rewrite Your Story to Reshape Your Life


It was soon apparent to Dan and all of his clients, that his true gifts were in powerfully speaking to a crowds, motivating and encouraging the masses to tap into their hidden “life adventure”, and coach heart-centered entrepreneurs on how to be the master the secrets of manifesting their imagination into the world… PLUS… Give them practical and useful tips and techniques on how to implement these concepts in the real world.

Dan teaches people how to truly change their stories, internally and externally, so YOU can MANFEST YOUR DREAMS ON-DEMAND… all fueled by the knowledge that…Happiness is a Re-write Away™

Dan’s Back Story: 

My story is a full one, no doubt, and I am only half way through! Big music background. Hard rock, metal, the works. Played drums, harmonica, and sang lead back in the day. Made my first film at 17. Got my start in the “real” business in the Bay Area as an assistant director on several rap videos. Some got MTV play. Moved back to So Cal, and made my part time job of Red River Productions into my full time gig. Started writing screenplays… I have written 28 feature length screenplays, 4 optioned by major studios.

I published my first novels back in 2006 and 2008 and my latest book in the personal development arena… Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life is selling well. I am currently working on another book called, “Being Moses”. I have been teaching media production and social media marketing in local colleges where I have gotten a lot of traction and a lot of people know me for that, which is cool, but in the last few years, I have been moving in the direction of “from the stage” inspirational teaching, coaching, etc. Books, webinars and other products play a big part of that.

Dan’s System to become an Imagination Engineer: 6 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams On-Demand 

1. Awareness

2. Energetic Output

3. Personal Gravity Well

4. Permission to Imagine

5. The Dream Lodge

6. Bring the Gold!





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Imagination IQ "Manifest Your Dreams On-Demand" Imagination

Imagination IQ “Manifest Your Dreams On-Demand”

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Manifest Your Dreams with Dan Fowler

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