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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sherry Gideons featured in Thank God I Book Series

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Thank God I book series – What’s behind Sherry Gideons near-death experiences

Sherry Gideons-Whole Life Living

Sherry Gideons shares a short version of her Near-Death Experiences story and the exploration of the controversial topic of the afterlifeAugust 27, 2014 ( – Phoenix, Arizona – In popular understanding, the expression “near-death experience” refers to the transition between the states of life and death. But how should such experiences be interpreted? How can they be explained? Sherry Gideons attempts to relate subjective experience and the realm of belief to the release of her short version near death experience story in John Castagnini’s popular Thank God I book series.

“I experienced myself through the eyes and feelings of the people I had affected. Then, I was being shown, “that which I had not yet finished”. I was suddenly immersed in Love beyond my ability to understand. All that had ever been negative within me was no longer a part of me. I was bathing in pure unconditional love. I learned that Love propels us, shapes us, heals us, designs our very being, and determines how we evolve. I was One with all there was.”

Sherry shares her Thank God I near-death experience and describes it from a spiritual standpoint. Sherry explains, “The view prior to the near death experience, her sphere of belief, and the examination of what the near death experience provided as proof of the supernatural.

Sherry Gideons resides in Phoenix, Arizona, is CEO for Sherry Gideons International and a spiritually conscious Trailblazer. Known as an Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Specialist, Transformational Thought Leader, Professional Speaker and Author, a Radio Show Host at Whole Life Living Radio Network, a Life Mastery Institute “Life Mastery Consultant”, and Licensed RScP Spiritual Practitioner.

Gideons has been a professional bodybuilder and fitness expert. As a Transformational Thought leader, she has achieved top honors in the fitness/wellness industry as a thriving coach and motivator. Her background includes more than thirty years of training in the health and wellness industry, as well as training in metaphysics and communications. Today she continues her quest for spiritual knowledge and has a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level.

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Sherry Gideons, is CEO for Sherry Gideons International and a spiritually conscious Trailblazer. Known as an Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Specialist, Transformational Thought Leader, Professional Speaker and Author, a Radio Show Host at Whole Life Living Radio, a Life Mastery Institute Consultant, Licensed RScP Spiritual Practitioner. Sherry mentors and coaches’ worldwide everyday people to Be their greatest selves, by Being in the confidence of who they assisting entrepreneurs & professionals to identify and clarify what they want in business, health, relationships, spiritually and to help find the most powerful focused path to get there.

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Name: Sherry Gideons
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