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“Starving The Heart To Perfection”

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“Starving The Heart To Perfection”

Sweta is the author of the 3 self-help, relationship-focused books; a marketing entrepreneur of national brands; an online trainer at her own business marketing website; and your connection to an effective speaker who will leave you with more training, strategies, and stories than you can believe. Her tips on relationships and business training have assisted her clients to build successful incomes while honoring the relationship they have with those they love. Sweta has something in store for everyone, whether you are: in business, wanting to start a business, single, married, or in a complicated situation.

Sweta’s stories come from her experience within the college “social jungle”, as well as what the world had to teach once outisde of the college bubble. She has been challenged with relationships that have left her heart-broken. Sweta has endured her own bout of financial problems that have kept her from achieving her own financial freedom. Just when everything was falling apart she said, “No more! I finally understand my worth and value. I am going to try a different path.” After working with many different coaches and mentors she was finally living her dream lifestyle. Sweta is able to teach your audience how to implement and execute the perfect life plan to keep them stable in their own relationship and in their business life. Her failures have allowed her to create a message that needs to be delivered to those who are being challenged with their own life. As an entrepreneur/author she leaves her audience saying, “I will never give up!”

Sweta started when she had the passion to help others expose their passion in their career life and business life. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 19. The doctors had said if she was a few years older, she would have passed away. Two years of horrible medications and symptoms, Sweta realized her mission and purpose was to help young women who are in troubled relationships. She wants to give them the strength to leave a situation where the man is treating them badly. From her experiences with young women she was able to show them the differences between abuse and love. She teaches young women how to find the man who values them and honors the relationship. After being distraught from all the happenings in her college life, she knew she had a message to share. She started mentoring young women in meet-up groups all over San Diego.

Sweta’s triple book credentials allowed her to step up to the plate and guide young women through the “social jungle.” Now Sweta strives to inspire relationships to reach their maximum success level! Are you ready to upgrade your relationship with Sweta?








Knowing what young women go through these days, we wrote Watch Out Ladies to feed them specific “dating survival” information as it relates to where they are in life. Whether they’re about to graduate high school, head off to college, living on their own after college, on up into adulthood, dating, marriage and having children. Each chapter has specific lessons to be learned.

Sweta Speaks International

8895 Towne Centre #105-255

San Diego, CA 92122

Phone: 760-583-1008

Fax: 323-443-6704


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  1. Bob Delgado says:

    We all know that we are living and looking into a mirror of our own reflections. This is the basis of all relationships, we get what we give; it is multiplied back to us until we change what we are giving. There are some fabulous incites given on this program to create changes and give birth to new opportunities that brings us forward into a new day, in a new way.
    It still has to come from us and go through our conscious mind. When we become conscious or awakened to a change, it is because we have changed in consciousness. When we lose consciousness, we are asleep to our innate possibilities. Now is a good time to awaken to our potential of goodness. The change always happens within us first, so it all starts and ends with us. Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, a famous Religious Science Teacher and Minster said, “Every thing stays the same until you change you.” Gandhi said, “Be the Change you want.” Being the love we attract to us is not an accident, it is not fate, it is our reflection we have attracted our own mirrored image. Imagine what you want and be it. It cannot be any simpler than that, And now, So Be It.

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