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Whole Life Living Program

Whole Life Living Weight Loss Coaching Program


Product Description

Whole Life Living Weight Loss Coaching Program
Helping People to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Where are you now? Where do you really want to be?
Body Image Issues? What does that picture look like?
Not enough energy? Not enough time?

What is your #1 areas of struggle with your health right now?

I’m ready to get started sign me up NOW!

Program includes: Nutrition – Health – Weight loss Mindset Programming –
Personal Development – Establishing New Habits

The Whole Life Living Weight Loss Coaching Program is about focusing on reprogramming the old beliefs, habits, and actions that have led you to your current health results. It’s all about how you connect with that person on the inside, not the one you see in the mirror. Success is an inside game, and it cannot be sustained if it is faked. True success and fulfillment is about learning how to give yourself what is life serving and life giving first. It’s about installing a New improved health and wellness “personal operating system”, that will produce predictable, proven, lasting, sustainable results for whole health and weight loss!

I’m going to help you focus on what it is you want vs what you don’t want. If you focus on what you don’t want, or what you are sacrificing, you don’t make the changes to support what it is you do want. If on the other hand, you focus on your healthy eating and exercise goals – i.e. what you do want, which is energy, health, lean muscle, joy and peace then you make lifestyle changes that naturally lead to weightloss as well. Why this program works if you follow it. Because you install the new mindset and the new habits that ultimately change who you are from the inside, which then reflects on the outside!

My inside transformation program will help you develop a solid framework with the exact things you need to do to show up for yourself first, build your positive healthy mindset, re-boot your metabolic engine, and create a clear road map for making your habits permanent for a better quality of life.

Whole Life Living Protocol: For Sherry’s introductory offer only $497 I’m getting: A $3,000 Dollar value!

Limited Time Offer! 

  • 12 Personal Coaching Calls (30 minute personal health coaching call each week)
  • 12 Week Dream Builder Group Coaching Curriculum – Re-set your mindset! $1500 value
  • 12 week modules that establish a Healthy Lifestyle Plan with new ways to eat, exercise, and address your old limiting paradigms at each stage of your journey
  • 60 Second SOULution Online Exercise Video’s for 2XX the results of traditional exercise

Framework For Success

  • Start with taking full responsibility for your current results
  • Find your underlying motivation – That personal “why” factor
  • Set a crystal clear Vision for your health goals and body outcome
  • Learn step by step simple, highly effective roadmap for health success
  • Implement tools that support long term NEW healthy behaviors

Planning for success

  • Receive a weekly module that establishes mindset strategies
  • Learn the exercise and food basics
  • Cleanse and Clean the system
  • Increase daily energy
  • Get metabolic control of your body
  • Control Carbohydrate intake, create therapeutic intervention
  • Supply your body with the extra nutrients it needs
  • Feel energized, healthy and happy all day!

Freedom Success Tracker with journal, measurements, and calendar

  • Jump Start Your Goals ~ 10 Day Cleanse Eating Plan
  • Morning Motivation and Inspirational TEXT to support vibrant health & wellness
  • A fully Written Healthy Body affirmation treatment that will help re-program your body’s set point

Sherry! I’m ready to Create My Best Self!

Sherry’s Introductory offer $497

Limited Time Offer!

Sherry before and after


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