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Sherry:Sheldon Manifestation


Manifestation – 101 can be the most powerful thing we can do is take charge of our lives.  We all want this… to be able to truly create our lives. The question is how much energy can you devote to realizing your dreams?


Realizing Your Dreams

What are your dreams? How close are you to realizing them? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn how to manifest your dreams without having to change your life? Then, as life changes you can calmly and easily transition.


What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the ability we all have to create events, opportunities, money and relationships to others.
This ability remains largely untapped in most of us because we have been trained to believe in order to create results we must “do” our lives.
The truth is that you can, depending upon the depth of your belief, create everything you need or desire in your life.


Your Desires

What do you desire? Health? Wealth? Prosperity? Relationships that actually support who you really are? All of this is possible, if you’re willing to open yourself up to actually having your desires realized in this moment.


The Future Happens Now

The key to manifesting is the realization that everything happens “Now”. When you examine the past, you do so from the moment you’re in or “The Now.”
The same is true for the future. You create the future from “The Now.”
This understanding allows you to imagine the future as you’d like it to be.
The Link Between Imagination and Manifestation
The power behind manifestation is imagination. Most people have forgotten how to imagine because we get so caught up in left brain ways of thinking, being and doing. Efficiency allows no room for imagination. Constantly running to and fro allows no space to imagine. Imagination is the foundation of play. And you know as well as I that most of us have regulated playing to a relatively small portion of our lives.


You Must Believe In Freedom

You are free to imagine your life the way you really wish it to be! It truly is all there for you. Take this moment and see if you can feel the freedom of using your imagination is unlimited ways to create your life.

The Power of Imagination

Is to unleash your desires. Your desires are based in your feelings. The more you feel the reality you wish to create the more you draw that reality to you.
What’s amazing about this is you already do this in your life.
You invest in certain feelings and these feelings call situations to you. You may have attracted situations that have caused you pain and suffering, we all do but the reason this has happened is no one has told you or taught you that you are a creator through what you feel.

The Truth About Feelings

All feelings are temporary experiences. Feelings are deeply personal experiences that inform you about your life and what is important to you. Feelings can guide you to the right people or they can warn you to avoid certain situations. They key is learning to listen.

Feeling feelings is Healthy

I know most of us have been taught by the school of hard knocks to avoid feelings, after all who has time however, the price of avoiding feelings affects our entire society simply because not enough people are doing this important work.
The truth is that you can not only change your life and improve your health by learning to feel your feelings but you help all those people around you increase their comfort with feelings.
The opposite is also true. If you live or work in an atmosphere where feelings are to be avoiding then everyone is forever denying what’s really happening within them. No one is really authentic or clear upon what they need to be healthier or move forward in life.

Feelings, Desires, Imagination, Manifestation

Feeling feelings leads you to be able to know and express your desires. Knowing and feeling your desires fuels your imagination. You imagination organizes and creates the reality you wish to experience.

Manifestation 101

There are skills in all these steps that must be experienced to be applied to your life.
There is a step by step practice system that we have created to help you learn and apply these skills to your life.

What’s Included in Manifestation 101

The Manifestation 101 manual contains details, descriptions, concepts and more to help you understand the truth behind manifestation and your role as a creator.

4 Guided Meditation Audio’s

Audio 1 – DeStress Therapy: to manifest you must first be calm and open. This audio prepares you by releasing passive tension in your body and mind. Then, you are ready to receive the next steps along your manifestation journey.

Audio 2 – Possibility Meditation: Unlimited imagination is based on your relationship to possibility. This audio helps you to reset your possibility relationship by feeling unlimited possibility all around you.

Audio 3 – Imagination – This audio builds upon the previous two by giving you the guidance and ability to harness your imagination based on your desires.

Audio 4 – Manifestation: Now it’s time to manifest! All the pieces are now in place for you to take all your learned and begin creating the life you desire.

Sherry:Sheldon Manifestation


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