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60 Second Soulution Revolution


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60 Second Soulution Revolution

Get Fit Fast in as little as 60 seconds! Professional Fitness expert Sherry Gideons, announces the release of her new DVD “60 Second Soulution Revolution”. She wants to leverage your time so you can have rapid workout results. No Other fitness routine can compare to the rapid results and fat burning effectiveness of burst interval training workouts. You get twice the results in half the time.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, January 15, 2014 – The key to “60 Second SOULTION REVOLUTION” is the amazing benefits of burst training, also known as interval training that burns fat and builds lean muscle 2x faster than traditional 20 – 45 minute workouts. 60-second blasts are one of the fastest most effective ways to lose weight quickly. Burst or interval training is simply a method of exercising for short durations with high intensity followed by brief recovery periods. The idea is to create an oxygen deficit, get fast twitch muscle contraction, and activate the adrenal system for a hormonal boost. This can be accomplished with both rigorous resistance and cardiovascular workouts.

Research has shown that this type of training to be the most effective means for creating a hormonal response (primarily from growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone) which are powerful fat burning and muscle building hormones.

This DVD was created for people who struggle with finding the time to workout, and avoid the excuses mindset such as, “I’m too busy of a person, have kids, or travel a long distance to work and am tired when I get home”. 60 Second Soulution Revolution can be done anytime, anywhere by leveraging your time with one 60 second movement done once an hour up to 8 hours, or in a 4, 6, or 8 minute routine.

Here is the testimonial of one of her clients, 
”Sherry was there for me in times as a Coach helping me to reach higher, and to recognize I was worthy and deserving of the best life I could imagine. Sherry helped me believe that I could be successful with my fitness and weight loss goals and shared simple doable bite sized bits of information that I could actually apply and do daily to get the results I dreamed of…. Marcia Carrillo – Merced, CA


Sherry Gideons is a Professional fitness athlete and fitness expert, and a new thought leader who has achieved top honors in the fitness/wellness industry as a thriving coach and motivator. Sherry’s background includes twenty-seven years of training in the health and holistic healing industry. Sherry helps to transform the way the world thinks of their body image, studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who struggle to create their best mental body image. Sherry uses her own life as an example to share simple truths for individuals so they can relate with their own experiences. As a coach and mentor, Sherry has taught many individuals to create health, wellness, and how to obtain their highest self-image.


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