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Press Release – Ignite 2014

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WHAT: MARSH ENGLE and her team of highly respected experts present IGNITE Nights ~ Live events designed to ignite the creative spirit of entrepreneurs, women in the transformational arts, authors, experts and more while providing inspired coaching support in an atmosphere that cultivates connections, new alliances, fresh ideas, interaction with peers and enjoyment of a refreshing evening together.

WHO WILL ATTEND: IGNITE Nights are evening gatherings designed to connect and ignite the creative spirit of entrepreneurs, moms, small business owners, women in the transformational arts, authors, radiant creators, career professionals, and more,

DATES: March 6th & 7th TIME: 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. WHERE:


March 6th
Mystic Journey Bookstore
1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, California 90291


March 7th
Absolute Yoga & Pilates Studio
20855 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, California 91364

HISTORY: The celebration of Marsh Engle’s women’s programs and events were first established nearly a decade ago. As the activities, programs and outreach of her Amazing Woman initiative has expanded over the years, the core mission remained the same: To serve as a unifying symbol of women everywhere who wish to bring a sense of value and purpose to their life, their community and the world. It was in March, 2001 that women throughout the nation first joined to establish the Amazing Woman’s Day initiative by joining in ten cities throughout the United States. In 2002 the celebration grew to 50 cities and was awarded a United States Congressional Proclamation that established Amazing Woman’s Day as an nationwide initiative to celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of women everywhere. Since that time, the Amazing Woman’s Day initiative has served to inspire thousands across the nation. Now, with the establishment of the IGNITE NIGHT live events, Marsh Engle and her team of leaders and partnering organizations intend to ignite the power, passion and purpose of women by providing them ways to create the kind of momentum in their life and career that will help them to make more money, experience more meaning, and make a massive difference in the world!

CONTACT: Marsh Engle 818 335 0031

The Initiative: AMAZING WOMEN CARE is dedicated to partnering with organizations that provide support to homeless women and their children, addressing their physical, spiritual, and educational needs.

Partnering Leaders and Their Organizations: Conni Ponturo and Absolute Yoga & Pilates Studio: Conni Ponturo, founder and creator of Absolute Yoga & Pilates Studio began her movement career in New York at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and performed with small dance companies in New York as well as performing as an actress in theater and commercials. Conni studied and worked under Maria Leone at Bodyline studio in Beverly Hills. While working there Conni developed her highly trained eye for movement and instinct for teaching. Her greatest joy is to keep clients moving, injury free, and challenged. She works to achieve the perfect mixture of physical fitness while energizing the spirit.

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Sherry Gideons of Sherry Gideons International is a Powerful Radio Show Host at Whole Life Living Radio, Life SOULutions/Life Mastery Institute Life Mastery Coach, Licensed RScP Spiritual Practitioner, Professional Speaker and Author Mentoring and Coaching Worldwide. Helping to bring out the greatness in people, and inspiring them to live extraordinary lives, Sherry Gideons is a Professional fitness Bodybuilder and fitness expert, and a new thought leader who has also achieved top honors in the fitness/wellness industry as a thriving coach and motivator. Sherry’s background includes twenty nine years of training in the health and wellness industry, near death experiences, metaphysics, communications, and an avid quest for spiritual knowledge, give her a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level. Sherry always says, that for each and every one of us, the path to this knowledge is different. For anyone who truly wants it, it is there. We are all on a journey. As a life mastery coach Sherry simply directs you along the way. Everything in the universe affects everything else. The universe is dynamic, alive, and very connected. .. Sherry has a global story known as “Sherry Gideons Near Death Experience story,” that happened in 1997. Her near death experiences have given her a second chance to share her own personal system to teaching individuals to create their highest good.

About Marsh Engle

Acclaimed entrepreneur, creative development consultant and success coach, Marsh Engle has guided thousands to discover their sacred calling and build brands that make a brilliant difference in the world! Widely acknowledged for her profound ability to powerfully identify the greatest gifts and highest passions of her clients, Marsh Engle merges the spiritual with the practical to build business and career success. Following a career as an award-winning entrepreneur, Marsh dedicates her lifework to helping people discover the power of entrepreneurship to make a difference in their lives and in the world.

As CEO of Marsh Engle Companies, Inc., Marsh is a social entrepreneur and career launch expert who is passionate about developing new models of success and breakthrough innovation for entrepreneurs and individuals committed to personal excellence. She has spent over a decade facilitating hundreds of hours of workshops and coaching – especially to women – helping them to turn their greatest passions into real world results.

In 2002 Marsh was honored with a United States Congressional Proclamation for her leadership in establishing the Amazing Woman’s Day™ initiative designed to celebrate entrepreneurship and ignite the creativity of women _ a movement that has impacted the lives of over 100,000 women worldwide and contributed to the career success of 25,000 coaches, authors, and experts. As author of the acclaimed Amazing Woman book series, Marsh has gained the opportunity to interview hundreds of women of influence including California First Lady, Maria Shriver. Following 911 she traveled into the firehouses of New York City to study the life stories of the fewer than 26 women who serve among the 12,000 firefighters of FDNY. Her book Amazing Woman Amazing Firefighters shares insights learned during her year-long investigation.

Acknowledged as a distinctive authority in the field of consumer communications and brand enhancement, Marsh has been nominated among the Power 100 Women in Entertainment and named among Who’s Who in American Women. Her clients have included Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Children’s Television Workshop, Australian Broadcasting and more. Her productions have been seen by hundreds of thousands across the United States including those at THE WHITE HOUSE.

More information regarding IGNITE Night events may be found by visiting: Contact: Marsh Engle 818 335 0031 Email:

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