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“Why Healthy Romantic Love Must Also be Conditional Love!” A powerful discussion on ‘unconditional love’, boundaries and how we mess this up on the spiritual path!

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 “Why Healthy Romantic Love Must Also be Conditional Love!”  A powerful discussion on ‘unconditional love’, boundaries and how we mess this up on the spiritual path!
You won’t want to miss this outstanding show as Expert Celebrity Relationship Coach, Barb Beck, shares powerful insights and takes your questions around the controversial topic of “unconditional love” in relationships.  Trying to apply the spiritual principle of “unconditional love” can add great confusion and pain to singles and couples as they navigate the normal challenges in relationship! Barb shares her own personal path out of this confusion and says that her clients hire her regularly to gain clarity round this one topic, along with how to set healthy boundaries!   Please join the call and jump in for a lively discussion on “revolutionizing your love!”
Barb Beck doesn’t take her reputation as an Expert Celebrity Relationship Coach lightly. Along with extraordinary talent and deep experience, she is known for her compassion and calm centeredness. Barb received her diverse training via Coach U, Relationship Coaching Institute, and as a Coaching Expert with Save The Marriage. She also trained and was certified under the guidance of internationally recognized metaphysical counselor and teacher, Louise Hay, and has been licensed as a spiritual practitioner.  Barb has coached hundreds of clients from all parts of the world, including famous actors, yoga “gurus”, rock stars and well known football coaches, along with your everyday “Joe and Jill”, who are struggling with relationship challenges. Barb is on a mission to REVOLUTIONIZE peoples’ relationships and help them use the struggles they are experiencing as “wake-up calls” for powerful change!
Barb is the author of the new Kindle book, Love,Sex & The Spiritual Path – 21 Ways to Overcome Emotional Barriers and Thrive in Your Relationship! along with This Nightmare Called Marriage – Finding Your Way Back to the Dream! in ebook and audio!
Barb is also an in demand Author, Speaker, Columnist & Spiritual Director
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  1. Terri says:

    Such an awesome topic! I can’t wait to hear Barb speak around this. It’s so spot on, as an idea, to the health of every relationship.

  2. Barb Beck is right, that men want to be right. So as a man I am on the defensive. Unfortunately, in most cases, women are brighter than men in relationships. I believe that going past men and women to becoming one being in love, in mutual love, when you are each well suited for each other, then you each has the same issues and mirror the other. What we attracted to us is what we need to see, feel and change. We each have the choice to be angry at the other. or can take steps together and get past these issues that are trying to separate us into differences of opinion.

    I also know that all the issues that we have together are not about the relationship; these conditions lead us to changing ourselves, to let go of our past selves , and become a higher consciousness, which leads us to achieving unconditional self-love, and we can bring that to our partner. Whether our partner has changed or not, that fact that we have changed does change everything in all of our relationships.

    Think about this as a truth or a barrier: Marriages are man made as secondary effects from man’s desires to celebrate mutual love and desires for one another. God is Love, which is primary cause, and not marriages, which is a secondary effect. Therefore, we are trying to mix a primary cause with a secondary effects. No Private or Hidden agendas; make your plans together. Both people are partners, and both share the presidency, no others are involved so no others need to input anything. You are both in this together, so talk it out together.

    • sherrygideons says:

      This is wonderful information Bob! Thank you for taking the time to really delve in and share this insight with us!

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