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The Excellence of Being Human

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ReikiThis life, this experience of living, is grander than we know.

As we move through our day of driving, texting, emailing, working and navigating the various aspects of modern life, the power of being human usually escapes us. However, every so often, we get a glimpse of what being human truly means.

When this happens, we rise (or are risen) to a new perspective that opens our hearts and minds to a broader vaster universe.

What would happen if suddenly you experienced a deep alignment within your being? You know what I’m speaking of because at a certain point everyone has been opened to something greater than oneself.

It leaves you standing on air. You become connected to the vibrancy that has always existed around you. You smile at yourself because you’ve always known it was there, waiting for you to notice. In this moment, you forget all your history to suddenly become who you really are… an extraordinary being in an amazing world of possibility and creation.

It is this moment of possibility that we, as a race need to cultivate in ourselves and our children.

After 15 years of helping others transform, I’ve seen so many people who do not live with the possibility of possibility in their lives. This deficit keeps them from knowing a higher path exists. Then their dysfunction runs their lives.


Mental Level Definition – Possibility is a concept that essentially allows for miracles. In the realm of possibility, anything that can be imagined can be experienced.

Now, this is a good working definition yet it does not provide us the ability to integrate the concept of possibility into a belief.

For belief is the key to excellence.


The Placebo Effect


There are documented studies that corroborate the placebo effect. This effect says that whatever we believe will be realized within the human body. A man has cancer and reads that a certain medication can reduce the size of his tumor. His doctor gives him the medication and his tumor begins to shrink. A short time later, he learns that further research has shown the medication does not work.  His tumor returns to its original size. His doctor, understanding the disappointment, tells his patient a newer version of the medication is available and gives him a vial of sugar pills. His tumor once again begins to shrink.

Emotional Level Definition – Possibility, on the emotional level, is something that is felt. Once you feel it, your life is never the same.  For now you are a believer!

The experience of possibility usually coincides with a spiritual awakening. The combination of spirit and possibility is life changing.  Without this combination, possibility remains a mental concept and the power of the placebo effect remains unlocked.

To live in Possibility and have it be a friend to your psyche during life’s various difficulties, relationship issues, fears, and doubts, is priceless.

With possibility in your being, you live with an awareness that knows, “this situation will pass.”

But what about the excellence mentioned in the title of this blog?


Possibility in your body and mind allows you to realize that not only can you dream but you can manifest your dreams!

But dreams are fragile things. Tell them to the wrong person and they can easily dissolve back into nothingness.

Savor and cultivate your dreams. Treat them with care. Share them only with those who also believe in and embody possibility. Nurture the possibilities within you. If you have not yet experienced possibility in your body then your job is to seek it out.

Take the time to fully experience possibility in your body. Make this your life’s mission. How can you experience excellence without possibility? Possibility gives you the ability to see what is not in front of you. It connects you with the creator inside of you. Then your dreams transform into excellence.


Bring forth the powerful human inside of you and share your dreams with the rest of us.


Think of how powerful it is when someone around you shares their dreams and changes the lives of those around them.


Our world needs you to be all that you are. And I know you are indeed, excellent!

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